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[Admin] Jk_BlooDy_Jk   added 30 Advanced days to Lucidum
[Admin] Jk_BlooDy_Jk   added 30 Advanced days to Lucidum
[Admin] Jk_BlooDy_Jk and [Admin] Jk_BlooDy_Jk   added a total of 44 Advanced days to Lucidum
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[Admin] Jk_BlooDy_Jklately ive seen a few new people try to join the server and be kicked for not having the right mods installed, we would like you to join our live chat support on discord [link] as this is where we as a group have live discussions on updates between the community, also a place we can talk on voice chat and listen to music share photos with each other and most importantly relax as a family community, lots of new updates coming soon very soon!! :)
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[Owner] Vociferous   published 1.7.10 OPEN BETA RELEASE! on News
[Admin] Jk_BlooDy_Jkmonthly update!!!!

we have updated port 25565 to pixelmon 5.0.3

we are also working now on bringing back 1.7.10 so people with lesser resources on their computers can play

updates on players being able to join and play will be posted shortly, new ranks new shop all brand new revamp for lucidum coming soon
[Admin] Jk_BlooDy_JkHey everyone!

i see alot of you havent been on lucidum for a while now due to the updates, but id love to see you all come back and enjoy the brand new update we have just added today!

we have multi-worlds which is great, it lets us have a place to build nicely, a place where we can all hunt for cool pokemon, and a place we can literally mine anything and use whatever we want from it!

we are now also on the brand new pixelmon modpack which requires forge 1.10.2 and pixelmon mod 5.0.2, i have tested one small part of the new pixelmon mod in which i found a mega venusaur in the spawn world! thats right we now have mega evolutions charizard X charizard Y mega blastoise & mega venusaur!!! plus a whole lot more you can check out on the changelog which was released today!

im going to provide the forge and mod links im running on my minecraft launcher
FORGE 1.10.2 (recommended build 2185)

Pixelmon 5.0.2 (latest mod for mods folder)

Optifine (this helps with performance)

and make sure you add JVM arguments -Xmx2G -Xms2G (minimum)
i have 8Gb ram laptop so i put -Xmx4G -Xms4G (just to be safe)

if you use the pixelmon launcher all the new mods... forge, pixelmonmod and optifine are all on the pixelmon launcher, i recommend to put the jvm arguments also there in the profile, it does really make a difference!

and we are on the new ip [link]

would love to see you on here checking out the new updates!
[Owner] Vociferous   published LUCIDUM OVERHAUL! on News
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